Collapsing Distinctions—building possible worlds in art-science convergence

About the event series:  Sources of inspiration that move both art and science forward often emerge from an intricate dance in a liminal space where curiosity and intuition overlap with materialization and substantiation. This series of events highlights that dance, exploring what’s possible through musical and scientific imagining, to produce productive, self-reflexive, creative practices. George A. Miller Visiting Professor David Rosenboom’s paradigm propositional music will serve as a focus to draw together practitioners at UIUC from music composition and performance, computer music and instrument design, biochemistry, neuroscience, electrical and computer engineering, history, new media art and design, and more, to explore building models of possible worlds in a critical technical practice of art-science convergence.

A keynote speech by Rosenboom begins this profoundly interdisciplinary event series, Neuromusic—propositions from an art-science convergence, followed by a panel discussion. Guest lectures and interactive discussions with Rosenboom will ensue in the School of Music’s Composers’ Forum, Experimental Music Studios’ Forum, and Introduction to Computer Music class (School of Information Science.) In between, Rosenboom will participate in a recital/workshop and performance/master class with participants in the Electric Strings Program and join in an Improvisors’ Exchange Workshop. A collaborative session about sonification of data, Mapping Numbers to Sound—From Scientific Exploration to Immersive Musical Experience, will demonstrate ways to translate data from protein folding experiments into sound and the concept listening as performance, in which data from analyzing resonant features in brain signals are mapped onto sounds to create self-organizing musical forms. Another interdisciplinary session, Music in Vitro—playing with living neuron cultures, will explore linking signals from UIUC’s Mind in Vitro project in a feedback loop with a computer music instrument. Rosenboom will speak in a special commemorative event highlighting the pioneering work of UIUC composer Salvatore Martirano and his legendary electronic instrument, the SalMar Construction. In a culminating concert, Propositional Music of David Rosenboom, Rosenboom will perform a wide-ranging selection of his compositions, including a recent brainwave music piece, works employing a Yamaha Disklavier computer-interfaced piano, and other pieces in collaboration with performers from UIUC.

BIO: David Rosenboom is a post-genre composer-performer-interdisciplinary artist, whose work highlights solo to large-scale emergent musical forms, multi-cultural collaborations, interactive technologies, artscience, neuromusic, and more. He studied in the stimulating environment of late 1960s UIUC, which led to an unbounded journey exploring new ideas through music. He has held important positions in multiple institutions, including York University, Mills College Center for Contemporary Music, and others; he now holds the Roy E. Disney Family Chair in Musical Composition in the Herb Alpert School of Music at California Institute of the Arts, where he was also Dean from 1990 through 2020; his work is widely presented, recorded, and published internationally, including major retrospectives at Whitney Museum of American Art, Centre Pompidou-Metz, and Tokyo Opera City. Rosenboom was named a Yamaha Artist in 2012.

Composer-Performer-Interdisciplinary Artist-Educator