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David Rosenboom will discuss concepts that have informed his work in electronic music systems development over several decades, especially those that emphasize blending performance with composition. Highlighted among them will be the early digital keyboard instrument, Touché, developed in collaboration with Donald Buchla in 1979-1980, and a recent digital simulation and expansion, called Touché II, which Rosenboom will use in performance during his residency at UIUC. Other current and historical examples of systems developed for selected compositions will also be shown. Interactive discussion is encouraged.

  • Date: 10/05/2022 16:00 - 10/05/2022 17:00
  • Location: 1114 W Nevada St, Urbana, IL 61801, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Experimental Music Studios (EMS), r. 4067D (Studio, X)


Featured speakers:

David Rosenboom (George A. Miller Visiting Professor),
Eli Fieldsteel (Assistant Professor of Composition-Theory and Director of the Experimental Music Studios at the University of Illinois.)