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An audience is invited to experience a composing and performing practice in which music emerges from a process of making propositions and building musical models. To begin, a brass quintet and actor perform a piece about the nature of change. A sonorous sonic journey follows with 3D diffusion of resonances in an electronic tapestry emerging as two active imaginative listeners perform with their EEGs in one of Rosenboom’s seminal brainwave music pieces. An adaptive musical form arises from the concept of listening as performance, and Rosenboom joins with his e-vioviola to form a biocybernetic trio shaping the structure of the musical output. Next, Rosenboom performs several solo compositions embodying his model-building practice using a Yamaha Disklavier* computer-interfaced piano, interactive software instruments, and modular electronics, often inspired by poetic philosophic musings about human conditions, our Earth, qualities of stability and instability, and evolution. A collaborative work interlacing renowned filmmaker Lewis Klahr’s uniquely idiosyncratic filmic style with Rosenboom’s live soundtrack composition explores the intersections of memory and history with reflections on uncertainty. To conclude, composer Stephen Taylor conducts a brass quintet with electric rhythm section and singer-speaker in a piece resulting from imparting the approach of proposition-making in the performance of an epic art manifesto with socio-political references. Immersive, interactive video projections designed by Ben Grosser accompany some of the music, responding directly to audio features in the live sound performances.

  • Date: 10/13/2022 19:30 - 10/13/2022 21:00
  • Location: 1114 W Nevada St, Urbana, IL 61801, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Music Building Auditorium, r. 1030


Artists and performers involved:

*Provided through the support of Yamaha Artist Services Inc.