David Rosenboom

George A. Miller Visiting Professor

Rudolf Haken

рrofessor of Viola and Electric Strings; director of the Electric Strings program

Jason Finkelman

teaching artist of the School of Music; сoordinator, Robert E. Brown Center for World Music

David Sepkoski

Thomas M. Siebel chair in History of Science

Carla Scaletti

president of Symbolic Sound Corporation

Mattia Gazzola

assistant professor, Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering; co-director of Mind in Vitro

Kevin Hamilton

professor of New Media, School of Art and Design; dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts

Martin Gruebele

James R. Eiszner endowed chair in Chemistry

Stephen Taylor

professor of Composition-Theory; co-director, Illinois Modern Ensemble

Eli Fieldsteel

assistant professor of Composition-Theory and director of the Experimental Music Studios

Sever Tipei

professor emeritus of Composition-Theory, School of Music; director of the Computer Music Project, iSchool

Taras Pogorelov

research assistant professor at the Department of Chemistry

Ben Grosser

associate professor, School of Art and Design

Smitha Vishveshwara

professor of Physics; co-creator of Quantum Voyages

Rachel Switzky

assistant professor, director of the Siebel Center for Design

Carlos Carrillo

associate professor of Composition-Theory, School of Music

Joy Yang

composer-performer, doctoral student at University of Illinois School of Music